Business consulting

As auditors and tax consultants, we see our task not only in preparing annual financial statements, auditing annual financial statements and preparing tax returns, but also in supporting our clients in all business management issues. The focus of our consulting services is therefore on coordinated business management and tax concepts for company start-ups, restructuring, company acquisitions, reorganizations, investments, financing, etc.


Change management is the systematic recording, management and evaluation of change processes in a company. Changes can be understood as innovations, troubleshooting and suggestions for improvement.

Almost all companies, whether medical practices, pharmacies, the hospitality industry, real estate companies or industry, have a common problem: sales are stagnating in saturated markets; costs are rising; market concentration on a few large players is increasing. Added to this is unsatisfactory economic development at home and abroad. The pressure on profits, especially in small and medium-sized companies, is increasing.

Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to manage a company successfully. New concepts, instruments and techniques have to be implemented in companies in order to improve their earning power again.

In doing so, we see again and again that especially in small and medium-sized companies the available information is not sufficient to make the right decisions. Only a market-oriented company management that has the appropriate figures at its disposal is in a position to secure the existence of the company or practice in the long term.

We can support you especially in the development of a key figure system, which provides you with the numerical material in a condensed form for decision-making:

In a key figure system, several key figures are linked mathematically or logically in order to be able to make better statements about an issue. The key figures are derived from actual data, historical data or plan data and serve as a yardstick to show the causes and effects of processes in a causal relationship and thus make them transparent.

There are many key figure systems and not every one is suitable for every company. We can work with you to develop and implement a system tailored to your needs. Whether it is simple turnover ratios, complex ROI ratio systems, another ratio system, or the development of a balance score card.

Since the introduction of something new in a company is always met with resistance from employees, we are happy to provide advice and support in the area of change management to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of your KPI system.

Business start-up consulting

The main reason for the failure of business start-up projects is that there is either no business plan or only a poorly prepared one (business plan). The preparation of a business plan requires a prudent and careful approach. Within the scope of the business plan preparation, numerous legal and economic questions have to be decided in advance. The opportunities and risks of various alternative courses of action must be weighed against each other. It is also necessary to discuss the extent to which public subsidies are available for the implementation of the business start-up project.

Our firm offers itself to prospective entrepreneurs as an experienced and forward-looking partner. In the end, formative considerations (corporate law, taxation) already play an important role in the start-up of a business.

Our business start-up consulting services are designed to support you in drawing up your business plan. We can advise you on the selection and application of subsidies from the EU, the federal government, the states or the respective municipalities. We can assist you in obtaining other sources of capital, for example venture capital, silent partnerships (e.g. SBG Sächsische Beteiligungsgesellschaften der Länder or TBG Technologie-Beteiligungsgesellschaft). We can offer further support in establishing contacts with banks and in participating in loan negotiations with banks.

Company succession consulting

In family and owner-managed companies, considerations regarding company succession are often made too late.

Our firm recommends that these issues be resolved at an early stage. It is necessary and important that the entrepreneur(s) determine their goals regarding the company succession in time.

Taking into account the economic situation of the company, the contractual and family circumstances, as well as the tax, legal and economic framework conditions, our firm develops a succession concept that best meets the goals of the owners.

In our view, the following business succession concepts have proven successful in practice:

  • Family succession
  • Third-party management
  • Management buy-in models
  • Management buy-out models
  • Sale of the company
  • Initial public offering (going public)
  • Employee shareholdings
  • Leasing and business splitting
  • Usufruct appointment
  • Foundation models
  • Sale of the entire company, but retention of the company management.

If desired, our firm will also assist you in the implementation of the succession arrangements, i.e., we will become involved in the contract negotiations on sale and / or participation concepts and in financing considerations. It goes without saying that we take into account all questions of inheritance and gift tax as well as current taxation when dealing with company succession.

Organizational consulting

The expansion and/or safeguarding of your company may make it necessary to change or adapt the internal corporate structure.

In order to leave the beaten track, the help of a professional consultant is often necessary, who will work with you to develop new structures in the organizational and operational structure. In doing so, we do not offer you off-the-shelf solutions, but focus on the individual needs of your company, your market, and your employee structure.

We design customized and efficient organizational and process charts for you and support you in introducing and implementing the new organizational structures. If necessary, our support also includes the proposal for an IT application that meets your needs.

Our organizational consulting is by no means limited to the commercial area or accounting. We also support you in the organization of materials management and in production.

Existence protection consulting

By existential security and reorganization consulting, we mean a bundle of consulting services that help you to secure your company and to reorganize it in the event of a crisis.

Our consulting approach therefore differentiates between consulting events to avoid a company crisis (existential security consulting) and events to overcome a company crisis (reorganization consulting).

In the course of time, many companies show weaknesses that endanger the existence of the company. If these problems accumulate, this can lead to failure on the market. In the first five years, more than half of the companies suffer shipwreck.

We help you to identify the emerging weaknesses and to counteract them before you suffer shipwreck. In our experience, the most common causes of a company's downfall are:

  • mistakes in the preparation of the foundation
  • too little equity capital
  • the market was misjudged (competition underestimated, demand overestimated)
  • the company management has failed to install corporate planning, control and management.

Through our support in the preparation of a company foundation, many mistakes that later lead to the failure of the company can be avoided through the preparation of a detailed business plan and the precise planning of the legal form. Thanks to our access to databases, we can use industry indicators in our planning and thus avoid "nasty surprises" in the future. With the help of these databases, it is easier and better to assess the industry and the markets.

When it comes to equity capital, we can assist you in obtaining funds from:

  • Federal and state equity assistance programs
  • equity financing (equity capital, dormant equity holdings)
  • venture capital
  • subordinated loans
  • Factoring and leasing and last but not least
  • federal, state and local government subsidy programs (e.g. regional economic development under the joint task "Improvement of the regional economic structure" or "KfW Capital for Work", investment subsidies under the Investment Subsidy Act 1999, R&D project subsidy programs, etc.).

With the help of the early warning system of DATEV eG, we support you in monitoring and analyzing your accounting and closing data during the year by defining signal values. This enables us to react together with you in case of conspicuities in the development of the economic situation and / or the booking behavior. The control and management of your company is considerably facilitated by the implementation of this early warning system.

When defining the signal values, conspicuity limits and target corridors tailored to your company are set, which can then be checked month by month by us in an automated process.

In the event of negative deviations, we show you measures and alternative courses of action that will help you to achieve the established criteria again.

By linking the monthly business analysis (BWA) with the corporate planning data, you receive a monthly analysis of the deviations of the actual data from the plan data. Significant deviations from the plan can thus be identified and their causes eliminated.

Restructuring consulting

In 2020, approximately 75,000 companies in Germany became insolvent.

Often, this is due to a prolonged corporate crisis that culminates at some point with the company going to the insolvency court.

The managing directors, board members or the business owner of a debtor company in an economic crisis situation have to decide whether to liquidate the company, part of the business, shareholding, etc., or whether to attempt restructuring.

As a rule, the debtor company prefers to continue, although for the creditors the decision depends on various considerations, such as future business expectations in the event of successful reorganization or the assessment of the risk of default in the context of the liquidation of the individual collateral, etc.

The web of interdependencies within the company and with its creditors requires objective advice in order to make the right decision with a view to the future.

Entrepreneurs, managing directors and board members who react in time have a good chance of being able to actively shape the situation. At the first signs of a crisis, there are usually still opportunities to "turn the tide" under one's own steam. Professional reorganization consulting, such as we offer, can usually still help you.

We offer a wide range of services for the individual phases of a crisis. We advise on crisis recognition, design and implementation of reorganization measures as well as on insolvency-related issues.

Based on a timely analysis of the causes and symptoms of the crisis, we develop a suitable strategy for restructuring the company and also examine the possibility of achieving the restructuring goal with the help of insolvency proceedings or insolvency plan proceedings. By taking accompanying immediate measures, the company's existence is secured in the short term.

Our consultants have in-depth industry and consulting experience and are familiar with business practice in detail. All our employees act quickly and unconventionally and are always prepared to take responsibility for the concepts they develop.

Together with our clients, we develop concepts that are designed to help them help themselves. We are convinced that every entrepreneurial problem simultaneously holds a multitude of opportunities and offers the company the prospect of long-term success and stability. We therefore approach every opportunity, no matter how small, with great creative commitment. If we consider the achievement of the restructuring goals to be impossible from the outset, we decline the mandate in the interest of both parties.

Occasions for the assignment of our firm are both the support of the company management in crisis management as well as investigations of strategic, success-economic and financial factors in critical engagements of banks and capital investment companies.

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