Tax (structuring) consulting

Tax law is one of the most dynamic areas of law in the Federal Republic of Germany. Without professional help, it has become almost impossible for entrepreneurs to keep track of the jungle of regulations and decrees.

Competent tax advice ensures that the already high tax burden in Germany is not exacerbated by incorrect decisions.

The tax implications play a decisive role in many business decisions. Here, it is a matter of forward-looking solution alternatives that understand the complexity of national and international tax law as an opportunity. Since the legal framework changes frequently, a permanent review of strategies is necessary.

We find new ideas and innovative solutions for our clients and turn them into measurable success. We are not just tax consultants. We are consultants who can also do taxes.

Tax return

With us, the focus is not on the mere preparation of your tax return, but in particular on consulting. We leave no stone unturned in order to get the best for you, to illuminate every challenge from all points of view and to arrive at an all-round perfect solution for you and your company.

As our client, you will of course have a fixed, personal contact person who will regularly send you suggestions for improving your tax situation and inform you about new legislation.

Your individual concerns are in competent hands with us. So that you can devote yourself to your own entrepreneurial priorities.

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Annual financial statement

We prepare your annual financial statements including a detailed explanatory report either on the basis of the accounting records kept by us or on the basis of the accounting data provided by you. In a detailed annual accounts meeting, we personally explain your annual accounts to you and advise you on further strategy.

But where others stop, we really start. You can expect us to have a deep understanding of your business and your asset, financial and earnings structure. If, for example, we identify an imbalance in the structure, we will immediately provide you with suggestions for improvement measures. In this context, we show you the recognition, disclosure and valuation options under commercial and tax law and their effects on the structure of the annual financial statements. In this way, we quickly find solutions that can be implemented.

Based on our many years of experience, we can also prepare annual financial statements for you in accordance with IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards (formerly IAS International Accounting Standards) and US GAAP.

It is not only you as an entrepreneur who has to adapt to the changed framework conditions. We as consultants have to make sure that you are always informed about tax and business innovations.

Our promise: we will always keep you and your company up to date. With future-proof concepts, clever adjustments, and automatic updates. Let us advise you.

Advance VAT returns

As part of the preparation of your financial accounting, we prepare and submit the advance VAT returns for you.

By submitting advance VAT returns, on the one hand the state has a lower risk of non-payment, and on the other hand the entrepreneur can spread his VAT burden more evenly over the entire year and thus avoid payment difficulties at the beginning of the following year. In addition, the entrepreneur has an interest advantage in the case of input tax refunds.

The submission period for the advance VAT return is generally based on the VAT payment burden of the previous year. The obligation to submit the return is determined by the tax office; if the submission period changes, the entrepreneur receives a notification. In principle, the advance return period is the calendar quarter. However, if the previous year's VAT liability does not exceed € 1,000, the tax office may exempt the entrepreneur from the obligation to submit the advance returns and pay the advance payments for the following calendar year. In the case of a previous year's VAT payment burden of more than € 7,500.00, the advance VAT return must be prepared monthly in the following year.

Newly established companies must always submit monthly advance VAT returns for the first two years (Section 18 (2) UStG). If the total surplus from refunds exceeds € 7,500, the entrepreneur may voluntarily file monthly advance returns. With the exception of this regulation, the submission period cannot be freely chosen (Section 18 (2a) UStG).

The advance return must be submitted to the competent tax office by the 10th day after the end of an advance return period. Upon application, a permanent extension of the deadline can be granted so that the deadline for submitting an advance return is extended by one month (Section 46 UStDV). The application for a permanent extension of the deadline does not require any justification.

In case of monthly filing obligation and extension of the standing period, a special advance payment amounting to 1/11 of the sum of the advance payments of the previous year must be made once a year. In the case of a quarterly registration obligation, no special advance payment is required.

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Expert opinions on tax matters

Are you confronted with a tax issue whose legal consequences are unclear?

We review the facts and answer the questions posed in the form of a written expert opinion including all necessary references, standards, and decisions.

These tax opinions create legal certainty and legal clarity for our clients.

The owner of our office has many years of experience in this field.

We carry out research activities, among other things, in our well-equipped library with reference books, commentaries and collections of judgments.

We would be happy to take on your case. Please contact us.

Restructuring of companies

With the introduction of the Reorganization Act (Umwandlungs-Gesetz) and the updated version of the Reorganization Tax Act (Umwandlungs-Steuergesetz), the legislator has opened up a multitude of possibilities to restructure existing corporate structures in a largely tax-neutral manner.

We offer you the development of a restructuring concept tailored to your needs.

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